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Explosion-protected FA・communication apparatus

~To use computers in hazardous area~
Flameproof type Computersystem(Explosion-proof PC)
~Keyboard and mouse as a set~
Intrinsic safety explosion-proof type Keyboard/mouse set
~For 2D barcode operation in hazardous area~
Flameproof type handy terminal(OEM product)
~To display graphical image in hazardous area~
Flameproof type graphic panel series
~Successfully miniaturized by using plastic material~
Flameproof type barcode laser scanner(For the instruction manual, click here)
~Successfully reduced in weight by using aluminum casting material~
Flameproof type Control box series
~To install 4 types of sensors (thermocouple, resistance temperature detector,proximity switch, liquid leakage sensor) in hazardous area~
Flameproof type Zener barrier box
~For object detection in hazardous area~
Intrinsic safety explosion-proof type photoelectric switch
Intrinsic safety explosion-proof type proximity switch

Electrical control apparatus

~For switching operation of control circuit~
cam-operated switch series
~For multi-directional switching operation of control circuit~
multidirectional controller series

Oversea Ex standards certified products

We have begun the handling of Feam Products

Contact info

Head office・Factory・Kyusyu sales office


6-4-7 Takagise-nishi, Saga-city, Saga 849-0921, JAPAN
  TEL 81-952-30-8141 FAX 81-952-30-8149

Tokyo branch


Gotanda City Trust-building 6F, 1-23-7 Nishigotanda,
Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0031
  TEL 81-3-3490-4511 FAX 81-3-3490-4513

Osaka branch


Takahashi building bekkan 5F, 5-8-8 nishi tenma,
  Kita-ku, Osaka-city, OSAKA 530-0047, JAPAN
  TEL 81-6-6365-6121 FAX 81-6-6365-6123

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