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 Nakamura's explosion-proof control

 Spreading all over the plants in the

Flameproof type structured computer system

Explosion-protected FA・communication apparatus
〜To use computers in hazardous area〜
Flameproof type Computer system(Explosion-proof PC)

〜Keyboard and mouse as a set〜  
Intrinsic safety explosion-proof type Keyboard/mouse set

〜For 2D barcode operation in hazardous area〜
Flameproof type handy terminal
  (OEM product)

〜To display graphical image in hazardous area〜  
Flameproof type graphic panel series

〜Successfully miniaturized by using plastic material〜
Flameproof type barcode laser scanner
  (For the instruction manual, click here)

〜Successfully reduced in weight by using aluminum casting material〜
Flameproof type Control box series

〜To install 4 types of sensors (thermocouple, resistance temperature detector,
 proximity switch, liquid leakage sensor) in hazardous area〜
Flameproof type Zener barrier box

〜For object detection in hazardous area〜
Intrinsic safety explosion-proof type photoelectric switch
Intrinsic safety explosion-proof type proximity switch

Electrical control apparatus
〜For switching operation of control circuit〜
cam-operated switch series

〜For multi-directional switching operation of control circuit〜
multidirectional controller series

Oversea Ex standards certified products

We have begun the handling of Fe a m Products

Information (Japanese)
For customers who have purchased
our "Flameproof type Turbine flowmeter"
◎We have experience of getting certification of foreign Ex standards.
  Chinese Ex certification (NEPSI・PCEC・CCRI)
  Korean Ex certification (KOSHA・KTL)
  American Ex certification (UL・FM)
◎If you are trying to access Nakamura Electric
 MFG. Co., Ltd. of "Transformers" manufacturing
 and sales, please click here for their website.
 We are the Nakamura Electric MFG. Co., Ltd.
 of "Explosion-proof control apparatus".
◎For the safe installation, operation, maintenance
 of explosion-proof electrical apparatus, we would
 recommend you to acquire specialized knowledge
 in explosion protection such as
 SBA-Ex qualification(Safety Basic Assessor
 certification scheme) etc.

Contact info.
Head office・Factory・Kyusyu sales office
 6-4-7 Takagise-nishi, Saga-city, Saga 849-0921,
 TEL 81-952-30-8141 FAX 81-952-30-8149

Tokyo branch
 Yoshinoya-building 3F, 1-32-6 Nishigotanda,
 Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0031
 TEL 81-3-3490-4511 FAX 81-3-3490-4513

Osaka branch
 Takahashi building bekkan 5F, 5-8-8 nishi tenma,
 Kita-ku, Osaka-city, OSAKA 530-0047, JAPAN
 TEL 81-6-6365-6121 FAX 81-6-6365-6123

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     please click here.

  TIIS "Technology Institution of Industrial Safety"

  NECA "Nippon Electric Control Equipment Industries Association"